Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blogfast Interrupt -- Widow In Need

Dear friends and readers,

Please pray for the family of Nathan Trapuzzano, who was murdered last week.  He and his wife Jennifer had not yet reached their first wedding anniversary, and their unborn daughter, Cecilia, will be arriving sometime next month.

You can read about this tragic, yet comforting, story here.  As tragic as this story is, there is much rejoicing, to be sure, in that this young man led a life of trust in God and complete commitment to his faith and his family.  His widow has also requested prayers not only for her husband, but for his murderer as well, so that he might be converted.  Let us also pray that this will soften the murderer's heart and that he will also turn to God. 

Nathan also was an active participant in pro-life work, as evidenced here.

Nathan and Jennifer Trapuzzano were married last May, deeply committed to their faith, and overjoyed with the gift God had given them in their little daughter.  Jennifer now is preparing to face life as a widowed mother.  You can help contribute to defray the funeral expenses for Nathan and assist in the expenses Jennifer will encounter with Cecilia's birth and care here. 

Another break in blogging due to the immediate urgency of raising necessary funds for this family.  Thank you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I know, I know, but I just found this!

I know I was going to stop for Lent, but I have just found another resource:

Mary My Way - Modest Swimsuits, Skirts, Headcoverings

This is the site for Mary My Way, a family owned modest clothing resource. I have just ordered a swimsuit for Little Princess.

This link is added to the sidebar for convenience.   

Another Modest Swimwear Resource

Here is another resource for modest swimwear.  A little expensive, but a great selection of styles for whatever you may like.  Very similar in style to WholesomeWear.

Modest (Tznius) Swimwear
Children's and Girls' Sizes

This is an orthodox Jewish company that offers several different styles of swimwear from various manufacturers -- AquaModesta, MarSea Modest, Princess Modest and Sea Secret.  I checked the sites for all and this group has selected the most modest styles offered and put them together in one place, making it very convenient.  As you know, "modest" can mean different things to different folks, so what is considered modest in one sense (i.e., no bikinis)  may not be modest at all, in reality.  So I was really happy to see that someone had done the work for me. :-)

Adding to the sidebar as well for convenience. 

Okay....this is it. :-)  See you all after Easter! :-) 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lenten Break Alert: Swimsuits and Solutions

I am taking another break in the Lenten blog fast to share a finding or two -- while I much prefer the WholesomeWear swimsuits and am so sad to see that the owner is planning to retire, I am also on the hunt for alternatives. 

I am especially unhappy because Little Princess needs a swimsuit!  And it looks like all her suits available are too large for her size -- she's only three and a very small three at that. :-(

I am praying, praying, praying that someone can buy her business!  These suits are THE BEST! 

But, anyway, we do need to look for some alternatives, so meantime I have found the following links to HydroChic:

Here is a link to a very good swim top for ladies and older girls and here is a swim skirt with long hidden shorts that make a great alternative to the one piece WholesomeWear suit, once WholesomeWear suits are no longer available.

I don't know as of yet if you can get these in children's sizes (I am sure hoping I can), as we need to start the modesty training right from the very beginning.  I am one of those old cranky mothers who believes you can't just let the little girls run around in a modern day swimsuit; you have to get them used to complete coverage right from the get-go or you are just asking for problems later on.

But that's just me. :-)

These are pricey, so you need to plan.  However, remember the price is worth it for the sake of honor, modesty and appropriate self-respect. 

It is important for me, I believe, to break the Lenten blog fast I have put myself on in order to be sure to provide whatever I can in the way of links to appropriate swimwear, since that season is just around the corner.  Don't give in to the fashions of the day just because the alternatives may be expensive.  Give up some fancy coffee or a few dinners out in order to purchase an appropriate swimsuit. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another Lenten Alert Break: WholesomeWear Swimsuits

While checking out WholesomeWear for purchasing this year's swimsuits for Miss Eldest Daughter and Little Princess, I noticed that the owner is planning to retire.  She is looking for a buyer for her business.

Please join me in prayer that someone can step forward to purchase this business.  There is literally NOTHING else out there that can compare with these modest, yet current-looking and stylish, swimsuits for women and girls.  If these swimsuits go off the market, we will have lost something vital in the effort to help our girls dress modestly while being able to engage in wholesome exercise.

If you are in a position to buy WholesomeWear and keep these wonderful suits on the market -- please consider doing so! 

For more information, please go to the WholesomeWear site and check on the different styles to learn more about the sale of the business...and while you're at it, consider purchasing a swimsuit to encourage keeping the line of swimwear in business. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Voting for Most Admired Woman of 2014

Dear readers:

I am violating my Lenten blogging fast for a very good cause. 

Today's Woman, a magazine that seems to be centered mainly in the Louisville, Kentucky area -- although I have seen it around my area as well -- is holding a "Most Admired Woman of 2014" contest. 

Considering that most women who make a "most admired" status seem to be those promoting a liberal, amoral agenda, it would sure be nice if a truly admirable woman got this status for a change.

Cheryl Lowe, the author of the well-known Latina Christiana program published by Memoria Press, a teacher at the Highlands Latin School in Louisville, Kentucky and in short one of the greatest contributors to classical educational materials for homeschoolers and good, solid, classical brick-and-mortar schools, has been nominated as one of the most admired women of the year in the education category. 

To vote, please visit this link:

Today's Woman Now: Most Admired Woman of 2014

and scroll down to the category of "education" to find her name. 

To learn more about Mrs. Lowe's work in providing Latin and other classical texts for homeschoolers, please visit Memoria Press.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oops -- one more thing!

One more thing before I retire for Lent!

Here's a lovely Lenten idea -- if you are Christian, even if you may not observe Lent in your religious tradition, this may be something of interest to you:

Feminine Genius: Skirting-Up Lenten Challenge

Blessed Lent.