Saturday, July 26, 2014

Congressman Frank Wolf -- Speech Against the Christian Genocide

Thank you, Congressman Wolf, may God bless and protect you always and continue to grant you the courage to speak for those who have no voice.  We join our prayers with yours to end this horror. 

I have tried to imbed the video, but it won't work right now, so I will direct you to the link on Rorate Caeli where you can view it.  The commentary is also very important, as there was a delicate balance in the Middle East, and our country unfortunately disrupted it.  This is the truth, and we are not being patriotic if we are dishonest.  Our country has some serious issues to deal with -- issues for which we are responsible. 

The truth may not always be comfortable, but it is the truth, and true patriotism demands facing it.

"GENOCIDE in Iraq! Where is the Administration? Where is this Congress?!"

The War that Broke a Century

As we commemorate the events of a hundred years ago, we often think of relatives who fought and sometimes died on the fields of battle, "the War to End All Wars".

King George V of England put it a little more appropriately when he called it "that Horrible and Unnecessary War".

My grandfather and his brothers fought in that war.  One brother was killed.  He was one of the lucky ones -- at least his body was brought back stateside to his grieving widowed father, to be buried in the family plot.  Another brother came back knowing he was going to die of tuberculosis.  And my grandfather came back to attend university, nearly earn a PhD until the Great Depression intervened and he took the first job offered to him, which left his oral examinations undone.  Later he would marry, father and raise a daughter (my mother), and live another seventy years -- but with only one and a half lungs, a scar of the Horrible, Unnecessary War.

My husband also had a grandfather who fought in the Horrible, Unnecessary War.  His small village in Italy was nearly decimated by it, and then the decimation was completed with the worldwide influenza epidemic following right on its heels.  Following both of these events, the population of nations dwindled, widows abounded, young women found themselves outnumbering their male counterparts by enormous numbers.  And an "anything goes", "live for today" lifestyle began to abound.  There is some noise that World War I spread the influenza epidemic to make it far worse than it otherwise would have been.  Not even the avian flu or swine flu epidemics of more recent days have rivaled the 1918 epidemic.

Everything was destroyed in World War I.  As much as I love my grandfather and cherish his memory, I can't help but shake my head in disbelief that these things happened -- period.  The whole trumpeting cry, "The world must be safe for democracy", and my own grandfather was one of the figures in this, fighting on the side of the Allies.  But what was the result?  The monarchical stability of Europe toppled, and in its wake came the bloodiest century in history.  Nothing was accomplished except the destruction of all that Christendom had built over the past 1,900 years.

We know that now.  Great hindsight, and a lot of good it is doing us.

In the meantime, please read this article by Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal.  Excellent and very sobering.

The War that Broke a Century

Friday, July 25, 2014

An Appeal for Christians in the Middle East: French Elected Officials Begin to Speak Out

One hundred years ago, we witnessed the Armenian Genocide -- a genocide of Christians at the hands of radical Islam.

Today it happens again as the Syrian/Iraqi Genocide. 

We cannot be silent.

An Appeal for Christians in the Middle East: French Elected Officials Lead the Way; Will Those Elsewhere Follow Suit, or Remain Silent?

The original source for those who can read the French language:
L'appel de vingt personnalités - "Chrétiens d'Orient : Silence, on élimine !"

All ye holy Desert Fathers, all ye Eastern Christian saints of God, pray for us. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Persecution Steps Up -- Further Developments

First the good news -- Miriam Ibrahim, the Christian Sudanese woman who was condemned to death for her religious choice, is finally free from her barbarous captors:

Pope Meets Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death

And for the sobering news -- while Christians and those of other faiths who still have use of their reason continue to hide for their lives, the incarnations of evil and Satanic hatred themselves, Islamic militants, destroy the shrine of Jonah the Prophet (as you may know, Mosul is the site of the ancient city of Nineveh):

You Seek a Sign? Behold it: the Sign of Jonah

Take note of the image when you click on the link -- St. James the Greater, one of the "Sons of Thunder", the first Apostle to be martyred for the Christian Faith, who was enshrined in Spain as St. James the Moor-Slayer -- "Moor" is an ancient name in Spain for the Muslims, who had control of Spain until Fernando of Aragon and Isabella of Castile finally drove them out and restored Catholic Spain.

We need a modern-day Isabella of Castile to rise up and do what our leaders in the West are shamefully neglecting -- to do the work of driving the Muslims from the land and restoring Christian culture.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The feast of St. James is tomorrow, July 25.  Let us pray mightily for his intercession that the Satanic Muslim fanatics be utterly crushed by God's's time to start fighting back! 

I'm sorry, but this is too much -- if the tables were turned, none of us would be safe, no matter what our country or national origin, because we would be in serious danger of our lives.  And the West is doing nothing, absolutely nothing about this.  It is time to start fighting for our lives, our religious rights, our very souls.  There's a time for "being nice", and that time is LONG GONE!!!  It's time for the murderers themselves to learn how to be in fear for THEIR lives. 

We are to trust in God and accept what He allows -- but that does not mean standing idly by to be slaughtered like so many sheep. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

100 Years -- Anniversary of The Great War

"The War to End All Wars"

That's what it was supposed to be.

What it truly was:

"The War to Rival All Wars and Usher in More Horror than the World has Ever Seen"

Here follows an excellent short video on this subject, featuring many excellent historians and commentators, including the eminent Jewish scholar David Berlinski, who was also prominently featured in Ben Stein's excellent film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

This has been put together courtesy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  I recommend it highly and enthusiastically to my fellow homeschooling Moms to share with their children.  My children will view this tomorrow.  And as you know, my children are young, although I don't expect my six year old will understand it fully and I don't plan to make it required viewing for him, nor for my littler ones, but the older children understand it very well.

One of the things I think we tend to do in this era is assume that our children can't understand things which they, indeed, are capable of understanding and discussing perfectly well.  Before I married -- before I was even engaged or had ever met my husband -- I was preparing to become a mother by haunting used-book stores and Internet lists, and purchasing books.  I bought Landmark books, Childhood of Famous Americans books, religious books, all kinds of books.  I was also very picky.  For example, I also bought Little Golden Books (children have to have a little fun, too), but I only purchased those Little Golden Books which were illustrated in certain ways and contained certain stories.  I censored them carefully.  If it was a Disney, Sesame Street or any other such book which smacked of a certain commercialism, I refused to buy it.  My daughter already knows that Barbie dolls are inappropriate and that I will never buy one for her -- because a voluptuous, overly-developed doll such as Barbie has no place in a Christian home. 

We enjoy watching episodes of The Andy Griffith Show from time to time as relaxation and for a good laugh.  Recently we checked out some of the later seasons from the library (the ones in which Don Knotts did not appear) and settled down to enjoy them.  The eighth and final season has a few "OK" episodes, but the majority show Opie as a teenager -- not as a young man thinking of his future and preparing seriously for his vocation as a future husband and father (well, there is one episode in which he is thinking about his upcoming college education), but as a teenager sucked into the decadent Sixties culture with rock 'n roll music, inappropriate "dancing", defiance of parental authority (he is too tired to get up to go to church on Sunday and gets off scot free).  Fortunately, the benefits of homeschooling came into play.  I didn't have to say a word.  Mr. Firstborn got up, shut the television off, and ejected the disc:  "That's bad music, not appropriate for the younger kids.  And did you see how immodestly the girls were dressed?  Their skirts are too short, you can see their knees.  And why didn't the sheriff clobber him when he didn't get up and go to church?"  Everyone heartily agreed with him, including four year old Little Princess, who soberly said, "Mommy, I don't want to be immodest ever, ever.  I think we need to give my pink dress away (which is her favorite dress) because it's getting too short.  Good girls are always modest."  And my six year old Repete, whose one goal in life is "to be a saint".  Then they prayed for the people who planned those episodes of The Andy Griffith Show because they encouraged defiance to parents, immodesty and rock 'n roll music by planning those episodes in that way. 

At the risk of tooting my own horn, it was nice to see this and hear this from my children.

If you want to see Andy Griffith, stick with the earlier seasons and enjoy the antics of Barney Fife.  Obviously that's why those seasons are always checked out of the library -- they're the good ones. 

But, back to the point -- after the Great War, culture and civilization began to fall apart and it has increasingly become worse since.  Don't think your children are too young to understand this.  Eight year old Pete can usually understand these things fairly well.  If he doesn't, I can guarantee I will have my ear talked off by a thousand questions to answer so he can clarify anything he doesn't understand. :-)

One of the many advantages of homeschooling is that we can impart these important lessons to our children -- a real appreciation of history and an appreciation for what we have lost over the past century -- and an urgent desire to restore Christian culture.  This is certainly not being taught in the local public school down the street.  While homeschooled children may not be "up" on the latest fashions and the latest in pop culture, they will be grounded in that which really matters. 

Catholic News Service:  1914 - 2014:  Echoes of the Great War -- view in prayer.  May God have mercy on us all. 

Well, Thank Goodness

It sure took long enough.  Finally, a major newspaper is speaking out about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East:

Major Newspaper Editorial Breaks Media Silence: Why the Global Conspiracy of Silence on Persecution of Christians in Iraq?

Thanks to Étienne de Montety for his courage in writing this. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day of Prayer and Penance for Middle Eastern Christians - Please Participate

Friday, August 1, 2014 -- The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter has set aside this day as an international day of prayer and penance for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East where their religious rights are trampled, their lives and property threatened, and their churches are destroyed.

We Beg All Catholics to Join in Adoration on August 1, Day of Prayer, Adoration and Solidarity for Persecuted Christians in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East

Official Presentation of Events through the Year 2014 -- FSSP Message Board Regarding the Day of Prayer and Penance

Please spread this around to others, regardless of religious affiliation, and consider participating in this with us.