Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crusaders for Christ Downloadable Homeschooling Resources

After sharing the incredible file folder games with you, I now have to direct you to this absolutely wonderful site:

Check out these GREAT downloads (all free!) for catechesis, penmanship and more!

Let us all thank God for His gifts of these incredibly creative people who use their time and talents to put together these wonderful resources, and then share them with the rest of us on blogs and websites.  May they be richly rewarded for their unselfish devotion to the Christian education of youth. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Multimedia History of World War One

I have found the following website this morning, and hope to make good use of it in our homeschooling for the remainder of the year.  I encourage you to visit it and read the many articles available on it. 

This is a history that cannot be forgotten -- of innocent people perishing in a disgraceful conflict incited only by the evils of revolution of the previous hundred years, and the destruction of stability and Christendom throughout Europe.  It birthed all the horrors we grew up with or learned about in school.  The twentieth century was truly the century of total war, and it seems that the twenty-first won't be much different.

God have mercy on us all. A Multimedia History of World War One

August 1914 - Kulturcampf Reaches a Whole New Level

The lessons of one hundred years ago are becoming hauntingly familiar today with the situation in the Middle East. 

Read the story at the following link concerning the actions of the Germans in Belgium -- and keep in mind these were fellow Christians battling one another. 

A complete disgrace upon civilization, which is why the First World War destroyed it.

August 1914: Kultucampf Reaches a Whole New Level

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Free Online Piano Lessons

Our homeschool support group recently had this tip from one of our members, and it really looks great:

Hoffman Academy - Free Piano Lessons

Hoffman Academy is based in Portland, Oregon and offers 80 video piano lessons through this link.  Simply click on the link to get started.  Easy on the wallet, and great for homeschoolers. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Peek into the Past

I believe you'll enjoy this sweet article:

A Personal Reflection on "I Love Lucy"

I also love Lucy.  My grandfather in his later years would turn the television on right at noon because he knew I loved that show.  We'd watch two episodes together.  I don't think he particularly cared for it, but he knew I loved it, so he turned it on for me (the television set was his; we didn't own one).

My only beef with Lucy is that she only has one child in the show and Fred and Ethel don't have any children -- not even grown adult children -- and that always rankled with me, plus Lucy's silly friends either only have one child or none, which has direct implications of birth control.  Both Lucy and Ethel WAY overspend on ridiculous things, something they would never have done had they had larger families, nor did Lucy have to hit the books after breakfast and teach Little Ricky how to read, add and subtract.

BUT -- even with that -- boy, it sure hankers back to a nicer time *sigh*.

I do have a difference of opinion with her ideas of Little Ricky's birth, though.  The days of the husband dropping off his wife at the hospital and the doctors taking charge of everything were not the best days, and we are a lot better off getting back to the midwife coming to the house, or the midwife or doctor being there only to assist, while the husband is there helping his wife bring their child into the world.  Having said that, she is RIGHT ON THE MONEY on every other aspect!  I am certain she is definitely not advocating that we go back to the old way of drugged-out mothers who are not in charge of their own births, nor do I believe for a moment that she is saying that husbands should not be there.  She is definitely lamenting the complete indiscretion and shameful attitude that is portrayed everywhere on television today.  We also have lost the sense of propriety that was held by our mothers and grandmothers (well, at least our grandmothers) in that they dressed well, they did their hair and put on makeup.  I know I have gotten away from that and have used six children as an excuse.  Now you see on television naked bodies and crude language.

Yet another reason to smash the screen and read books instead.