Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Homeschooler's Lament

While we're on the subject of old radio shows, here's another.  Ironically, "Our Miss Brooks", a situation comedy of the life of a high school English teacher, was sponsored by Anacin.  Go figure. 

Here's some of the episodes.  Have a laugh after a long hard day of homeschooling. 


Housewife's Lament

We interrupt the seriousness of life to bring you an episode of "My Favorite Husband", the radio precursor to "I Love Lucy". 

I don't know about you, but I feel like I am living in a zoo and all the animals are loose.  (We've been baking Christmas cookies.  The kids love mixing dough and baking; it's the clean up part that we're having a little trouble with.

When I was little, my Mom introduced me to old radio shows.  So an incentive to clean up was an old radio show I could share with them.  "George Is Messy" was re-formatted as "Men Are Messy" in the first season of "I Love Lucy"

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RIP Papa in the Shoe - an Anniversary

In your charity, please remember my husband's father, "Papa" to his grandchildren, who passed away on this day, December 16, in 2000.

We will attend Mass tonight as a family and Mr. Firstborn and Pete will be serving. 

Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament and ever burning with love for the poor captive souls in Purgatory, have mercy on the soul of Thy departed servant.  Be not severe in Thy judgment, but let some drops of Thy Precious Blood fall upon him, and do Thou and Thy angels conduct him to a place of refreshment, light and peace.  Amen.

How to Be a Doormat

I found a post the other day that I felt was quite timely:

How to Be a Doormat

Please take heed, linking to this article does not mean endorsement of other articles on this blog.  While some of these articles are very good, others are not so.  Caveat emptor.

For those of us in the post-Friedan society, we have to deal with the effects thereof.  In saner days, we had the "Titus 2 women" who helped the younger ladies in marriage and family difficulties.  Now the Titus 2 generation is dealing with the effects of the second-wave feminism that has now precipitated the disaster we are living with today.  Many of them are divorced, and consequently unable to assist the younger generation as they grow up and start their adult lives.  Many of the young then turn to the many excellent books available today - and there are many:

Fascinating Womanhood - Helen Andelin
Created to be His Help Meet - Debi Pearl
The Excellent Wife - Martha Peace
Me?  Obey Him? - Elizabeth Rice Handford

...all of which you can find in any bookstore, not to mention the many Catholic books, both new and reprinted from the past, which are available from select suppliers.   But there is a saying of Benjamin Franklin to the effect that "he who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client" or words to that effect -- which could also be on some occasions, "he who is his own teacher has a fool for a student."  In many cases, this is how it may end up with some wives who are trying to make a success of their marriages.  They don't have the mitigating assistance from the older women who have been down the path before. 

They want to be supportive, sweet, submissive.  Especially if their own parents' marriage ended in divorce, they are doubly concerned with making theirs successful.  So they overdo it and send an engraved invitation saying, "Please walk all over me."  This is never good, as human nature is such that if we send someone that invitation, it will take a person of heroic virtue to resist such an invitation. 

So the guest post from Girls Being Girls is, I believe, one to look at carefully and warn our daughters against going in that direction.  Losing one's self-dignity is not submission and it is not right.  It is, on the contrary, an act of cowardice.  And no good man wants his wife to be a coward. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Update on Sanctus Simplicitus -- Downloads Available Again

A news alert from Sanctus Simplicitus concerning their downloads -- they have decided to make them available again.  First items up will be the liturgical calendar pieces, which should be available for this month before the weekend, feast of St. Lucy, so check it out for the next couple of days to see what is up.  Click on the link to get details.  Also, some of the downloads will be fee-based, whereas before they were free, to offset the costs and the time that they need to put forth in order to give us these wonderful downloads. 

Okay, well...

...after a little thinking...

...I'll keep my blog up. 

I'm serious, there were a lot of factors that were making me think otherwise.  But...a few people convinced me to change my mind.

One lady who convinced me to change my mind is this lady, Mrs. C., who operates the blog The Sincere Gift.  While I have never met her, and only recently found her blog, I think she has a lot to offer.  In reading through what she has available, she showed me by her writing that, I, too, still have a lot to offer.

I'll put Mrs. C's blog on my sidebar. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Latest Sewing Projects

Thanks to the generosity of several ladies who have gifted me patterns and fabric they aren't using anymore, we have turned out the following items.

Here is a vintage apron, a reprinted pattern from the late 1940's.  This is a skirt apron with patch pockets trimmed in contrast bias tape:

I should have had Miss Eldest model it.  Does it more justice.  Oh, well.

Here is a little girl's dress that buttons down the front, with short pleated sleeves, Peter Pan collar and back ties.  There was enough fabric to also make a matching hat and bag.  Front view of dress with hat brim turned up:

Back view of dress with hat brim turned down:

We donated this set to our local Radio Family Rosary Program Christmas Boutique.  We had to leave before the boutique ended; I hope they sold it and got a good price.

Everybody needed new warm sleepwear for the winter.  The local KMart is closing down after New Year's, so I was able to get some great bargains for the boys of some decent pajamas, plus we had a clothing exchange at our co-op where I was able to get some more pajamas.  The girls -- well, that means breaking out fabric and making nightgowns, so here's what Miss Eldest Daughter has at this time:

Lace trim at the neck and at the sleeves.

And, of course, Little Princess needed one, too. 

Lace overlay on the yoke with lace trim at neck

The pattern for the pink nightgown I bought for Miss Eldest when she was a baby.  I made her two nightgowns back in the day out of fabric I think I must have bought when I was eighteen or something.  Princess has also worn those until they literally are now in shreds, so with the debut of this new one, we can toss one of the old ratty ones into the ragbag.

More should be coming soon....the sewing machine is humming merrily along these days.